Mystique of everyday life

Mystique of everyday life... Is my imaginerium - the land of symbolic imagination, whose creation I perceive as a moment of freedom. Painting - is the moment of creation which creates imaginerium.. The gate to unlimited freedom of expressing myself. To the undiscovered garden full of organic forms, abstract flora, signs and upheavals. Feeling strong connection with the nature, which inspires and moves, I allow to go through the things which exist deeply inside me. Everyday life, nature in various transience of the moment, mystical game of shadows and colours, patterns carved by the time in the tree bark, or stones... It stimulates my senses and causes that I want to admire this beautiful world, enrapture... And transfer, get carried away this emotion, leave, close in poems, depict this admiration of this wonder of nature... Through creating MYSTIQUE OF EVERYDAY LIFE.

I’m not interested in the canons or rules which accompany painting movements, I don’t care about a detailed drawing of a figure such as hands or face. I like finding myself in the spirit of the abstract expressionism... When I paint, I turn on my own inner compass and I follow my voice of intuition, the truth which I found in my heart and to which I’m devoted to. “I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart.” Vincent van Gogh

One of my poems mentions this ...When I blend in the invisible and the unnamed which lies down with the undiscovered in my soul, inspiring me deeply...Coming back... I’m never the same person who I used to be.

Thus single paintings or series are linked with poems written by me. They come into being in the same gardens of fantasy, fairy-tale or immateriality... In my opinion realism and abstraction alternate as the nature and human being, they connect with each other beyond words, creating open and intuitive bonds. I observe, look at this miracle and I always blend with everything around me then, I become part of this very beautiful nature, and sometimes even with the whole.

Professionally I work in the design innovation, however I pay a lot of attention to paintings, giving up a lot of professional undertakings. Since I’ve found a way which leads me to even greater creativity and freedom, which I’ve always been looking for. I showed courage to put not sought-after goods on sale, which are dependent completely on a consumer, and as an author I’m fully aware of this fact.

By sharing with my paintings, I invite and stimulate a viewer to go into raptures with the transience and fabulousness of the moment... If the viewer looks at the world in a different way, become willing to make out the beauty in different scenes, also in this person the Mystique of everyday life will take place...

...enter the Imaginerium gardens with the head in the clouds, looking straight into the Earth’s heart... Issabel la Vin